Protect your home from water damage at a fraction of the cost of a water damage claim!

Flood damage can cost you tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the value of your home and belongings.   With claims averaging at about $5,000 and encompassing $40,000 depending on the home and length of flood, you will be relieved to know you can protect your home for as little as $300! 


Water Leak Sensor

Detects the water event in your home, such as a leak or damaged water pipe.

Smart Cut Off

Automatically turn off the water when a water event is detected.


Receive notification on your mobile device and email instantly.

The system works as follows...

  1.  We install the water sensor network near the areas of concern and install the required applications on your smartphone.  Internet Service is required.  Android or iPhone smartphone is required.

2. Water Cut Off Installed

The water cut off is installed based on the requirements. When a water event is detected by the sensors, we can either cut off the water from the inline water valve or disconnect the power to the well pump.

Cut off can be installed in different locations, based on your current set up of city water or well pump.

3. Notification

Immediately after the water event is detected, you will be notified via smartphone app AND email message, by default, but you can change your notification preferences. Water will remain off until you manually turn it on at the location of the Water Cut Off System or via your smartphone app.